Essay On American Holidays

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The History Behind American Holidays Next to your fireplace, bundled up and gathered around a pine tree… Sitting at a table with a big turkey in the middle, and an abundance of food circling it… Little children coming to your house dressed up as their favorite character from a book or a show… Being pinched because you forgot to wear green… Firecrackers shooting into the air… Going on a hunt to find eggs with delicious treats inside…Breaking out the champagne to remember what has happened and welcome the new year. These are images we place inside our head that remind us of certain holidays. Why do we celebrate the holidays? The United States has a variety of holidays adopted from the traditions of multiple countries, but some are…show more content…
Celebration of St. Patrick’s Day was to remember Maewyn Succat, who spread Christianity throughout Ireland. St. Patrick’s Day started when a boy, at age 16, was kidnapped into slavery and brought to Ireland. While there he learned the religion of the Druids. He later escaped, but then later came back to Ireland because of a supposed vision from God calling him back to Ireland. As soon as he returned, he started telling everyone about Christ, using their sacred Celtic symbols and turning them into symbols of Christianity. For example, the three leaf clover, which symbolized the balancing of forces, was used to describe the Trinity. After this event the Irish made Maewyn Succat a bishop and gave him the name Saint Patrick after his death. Surprisingly, the celebrating of St. Patrick’s Day was not really enforced in Ireland, but was more enforced when Irish emigrated to America. Today we dye rivers green, have parades, set leprechaun traps, and wear green.
You are going to church to celebrate the risen Savior, decorating eggs beautifully, and searching for those plastic eggs with chocolate inside. Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring. This holiday is celebrated to remember how Jesus conquered death and how we will now have eternal life with God. Furthermore, this holiday is the most important part of the Christian church year, and is observed as an entire season, not a one day event. Easter happened one Sunday, three days
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