Essay On American Image

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Although the American image is lost due to different interpretations, to be an American has only one definition. To be an American means to love all people within the one united country. Coming together as one country is what makes the United States the strong country that it is known by today. Americans are people of any race or gender from any background, while loving the country that they reside in. Americans have been known for working hard to obtain what they are given. Americans are known to have trained to get to a certain place in life. My boyfriend has talked about his goal for years. He repeatedly claims that he wants to become a navy seal to help out his country. The male figures in his family had been part of the military for many years when he was younger, and he feels like it is his mission to do the same for the love of his country. He has worked his whole life to get where he is. His freshman year he had above a 4.0 GPA so that he could go to a top boarding school in Indiana to prepare him for the military and the great opportunities that will come as…show more content…
After hearing their stories growing up, both of them show great patriotism and love for the people in the US, but also for the country itself. My grandfathers told me that when they were serving they had great losses within the fight. They both lost friends and even people they didn’t know. They weeped even though they had not known them, he knew that those soldiers died doing what they wanted to do, because they were courageous enough and they trained enough to fight for their country.When they were fighting, my dad's father said, “When I was fighting, I felt proud to be fighting for my country.” When I really dwelled on this statement, I realized that my grandfather was a true American, and he really was proud to be an American. My grandfather loves the his country and its
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