Essay On American Persona

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The American Persona
To be considered an American, individuals do not have to be white, blond hair, blue eyes, and tall. Nor do green cards or legal statues make a true American. The persistence of an individual is what truly makes up the American Persona. As history has been repeated, Americans do whatever possible to thrive, they may take a break but, they never give up. The American dream is what many foreigners would desire to have. America is not only made up of whites but, the many different cultures of foreigners who had traveled to the Americas.
To be a member of the American society an individual must be an active participant in the system. One must go out and vote for what they believe is better for themselves and the economy. In the case of Armed Forces, members must be willing to put their own lives at risk for the better of the Americans. These beliefs and active roles have shaped America into one of the best global leading economies. Each American plays a major role in the American system some of them form part of the labor force and some others form the elite. However, in some instances individuals are not effective enough to impact the economy, and they become useless. Furthermore, social security number, and legal status does not define Americans, instead their beliefs, knowledge, and capacity of individuals is what
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To be a member in the American society an individual must engage in society, and have the desire to thrive and be something in life. Foreigners can develop the American belief system even though they were not born in the U.S. The American persona has influenced the foreign policy and prevented the U.S. from a major war. Now, the American Persona does not require major fixes. As observed, it takes more than just being born in the U.S. to be considered an American, the traits of an individual are what truly makes up the American
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