Essay On America's Way Of Teaching Civics

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The Impact of America's Way of Teaching Civics and History

Although many students in America should be experts in the areas of history and government, they aren’t. Students all around the U.S. are getting low test scores in these subjects. They don’t fully understand the basics, even though they are taught civics and history in their classes. If this keeps up, our nation’s youth will be ignorant of global affairs. America’s way of teaching history and civics will continue to affect the nation negatively, regarding the students’ test scores, their view of
American history, and the importance of the principals of freedom.

A multitude of students don’t fully comprehend the importance of the areas of history and civics. They don’t understand much about our
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This is unacceptable, considering that knowing these principles is relevant to American government and to our nation. This predicament will make our nation unable to have a grasp on our unique concepts that we have accumulated in the history of America.

America’s youth is lacking in the knowledge of government and history. Instead of having a complete understanding and excelling the subject, numerous students aren’t even adept in the basics of history and government. The author said, “The NAEP has shown consistently that many students in the fields of U.S. history and government among others, are not even mastering the basics.” This quote shows how students are struggling in mastering the basics of the fields civics and history. Even though they were exceptional in the other academic subjects, they seemed to have low grades in civics and history. If this keeps up, it will make our nation’s youth ignorant.

In schools, civics and history is taught in an ineffective way. They teach these subjects as a series of human right abuses, In the text it says, “...history and government courses
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