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INTRODUCTION ABOUT THE INTERNSHIP: An internship report at AMUL on the sales potential of its product Amul pro in business institutions of Bangalore metro. The internship helped me to gain practical knowledge as to how the organization operates in order to cater to the requirements of the customers. The detailed study about organisation structure, work culture, and market environment. It also helped me to gain insights on the sales procedures implemented by the organisation to improve the sales of its product AMUL PRO and to sustain competition in the market and also to understand the perception of customers, ways of approaching customers and convincing them. Overall it was a great experience to understand how a FMCG organisation operates.…show more content…
For the purpose of collection of primary data, a well-structured closed-ended questionnaire is framed which was filled by the respondents. The questions are framed to study the sales potential of Amul Pro, the perception of customers, their buying motives and the frequency of purchase of the product.
 Secondary data: Secondary data is the data which is already collected by someone. The secondary data was collected from annual reports, company past Records, journals, magazines and company website.

 Sample Frame : A sample frame is a basic unit that contains a single element or a group of elements of the population to be sampled. The sample frame in this research includes customers of business institutions of Bangalore city as suggested by the Marketing department of Amul.
 Sample Size

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