Essay On Ancient Greek Mythology

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The ancient Greek mythology is a miracle in the treasure strove of world literature and art. A series of God created the story reflects the ancient Greek legend, the mysterious nature of the pursuit of dedication in the period of human ignorance and the hero worship holy faith, to live in peace and yearning for the infinite vision of a better future. It reproduced the social and spiritual life of the ancient Greek, and had a profound and long-term influence on the development and prosperity of Western culture. European languages, generally, absorbed Greek mythology in varying degrees, especially for English language, an immensely abundant language in terms of vocabulary. There are mainly two sources of English language development, one is Bible, and the other one is ancient Greek and Roman mythology which plays a more unique role in the composition of English words. Understanding a certain ancient Greek mythology has a far-reaching impact on the development as well as the…show more content…
“Apple of Discord” currently depicts dispute and disaster, originated from the myth that Eric, goddess of quarrel and discord, not invited in the weeding between Peleus and Thetis, put a golden apple engraved “To the most beautiful ”, which therefore gave rise to the conflicts among earth mother of Hera, goddess of wits, Athena and goddess of love, Aphrodite. “Damon and Pythias”, in ancient Greek times, referred to that Damon was willing to be a hostage for Pythias to finally visit his family before his death, so its derivational meaning is the fast friendship between friends in adversity. “Pandora’s Box” is closely related to the roots of all evils, stemmed from mythology that Pandora created by Zeus was given to human as a punishment to Prometheus' stealing of fire, and her box filled with disasters and
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