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Top 5 Apps to Lock Apps on Android with Fingerprint Sensor
Fingerprint scanner has become one of the most common features in Android phones these days.Wish to know the best lock apps with fingerprint Android? Here we go!
In addition to passwords and patterns, the fingerprint scanner is one of the hottest features on leading phones of today to lock apps with fingerprint Android. The Fingerprint scanner is the latest fashion in smartphones. You would have observed that with fingerprint scanner going middle-of-the-road, many of the new low-priced phones have also been furnished with this new feature. Although the foremost purpose of the fingerprint scanner is to lock or unlock your mobile phone, it can also be
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URL for Android: Google Rating: 4.4

2. App Locker: Fingerprint & Pin:

The subsequentname on the list of best applocks usinglock apps with fingerprinton your Android phoneis App Locker. Most of the functions and features of this app are similar to applock.This lock apps with fingerprint iPhone has a tricky feature though, want to know? This naughty app, along with app lock facility (using PIN, password or fingerprint sensor), can trigger a sham crash screen which will trick theimpostorsto think that your phone is crashed! Isn’t it interesting? One more thing to interest you – it is also free to download and use.

• You can lock your galleries, social media apps, message app using pin.
• The Applock has a feature to take the picture of unknown user if they tried to open up your Android phone.
• You can set up the fake app pattern.
• Possibilities to lock according to time session.
• Lock engine is updated instantly.
URL for Android: Google rating: 4.5

3. FingerSecurity:

The next on the list is FingerSecurity - one of the feature-rich lock apps with fingerprint Androidavailable for free download for your Android phones. You can lock practically any application with the help of FingerSecurity. In addition,

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