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Android Security Improvements Androids latest OS, Oreo, now includes a Google Play Protect security feature. This security feature is designed to protect users’ devices and data from applications containing malware. The Google Play Protect feature was announced on August 21st, 2017 scans more than 50 billion applications per day on more than a billion devices; but will only be available to devices running on 4.2 or later. (Barth, 2017) This security feature works by using machine learning to compare application behavior across devices and determines if an application is behaving unusually and needs to be removed from a device. Also, users must now grant permission for the installation of APKs per-source. This will help to prevent a…show more content…
In the market currently, Apple iOS is Androids number one competitor. Both Android OS and Apple iOS have faced many security vulnerabilities. Android is working on the Stagefright vulnerability and Apple has struggled with loopholes that allowed apps to execute standard library code directly by bypassing security restrictions. (Shetty, 2017) Currently these vulnerabilities have been addressed and patched on the latest OS/iOS versions. But studies have shown that far more mobile malware target Android than iOS; which could also be due to the fact that there are way more Android devices in the market than iOS.
Android’s main advantage is its easy customization of devices with its operating system. Due to Androids open source applicationroach gives “third party application developers the opportunity to create a wide range of add on functionalities that extend beyond the OS’s intrinsic capabilities.” (Fort, 2014) This wide range of customization also gives the user the ability to change certain security settings which could exposing the OS to more risk.
Apple is known for keeping their information and mobile security as secretive as possible. Apple controls the underlying device infrastructure and will not all it to be compromised. Apple iOS does not allow apps to read phone number, device UDID and many other information from the device. “In Android, app developers can programmatically query all the device information, including the phone

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