Essay On Anemia

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According to Healthcare BlueBook, hospital labs are the most expensive. A complete blood count with differential can range from $16 to $52 per test and a complete blood count ranges from $13 to $42 per test (Healthcare Bluebook, 2017). This may appear as a small amount, but over time, it will add up. And, if the fresh transplant surgical patient is not showing signs of anemia, then there must be an indication for these daily tests or the expanded tests. The price of a one prednisone 50 mg tab is $2.03 according to website (, 2017). As a review, this was though that this could be eliminated because the patient was receiving a 1000 mg IV dosage during surgery. Palmer, Ji, & Stephens (2014) studied the price of opioid…show more content…
And, the key is to discontinue to bladder catheter at 6 AM. Most kidney transplant patients have not urinated for several years since they started dialysis. Therefore, removing the bladder catheter on post-operative day three is important and to verify that the patient can void. Holding the urine is not acceptable, so the patient is instructed to urinate whenever there is an urge. The anastomosis site at the bladder and the donated ureter is still healing. If the patient has a problem urinating after four hours, then the patient has a bedside bladder scan by the nurse, and if there is urine, and in-and-out catheter may be ordered. And the process will begin again. In about four hours, the patient should try to void. Again, if there is difficulty, the patient wins a bladder catheter for the evening. There will be another try the next morning with the same steps except if there is another failure, then the patient will go home with a bladder catheter and a leg bag. A referral to a urologist is made and the patient will be discharged on post-operative day four. Therefore, the patient will have three opportunities to void on his own prior to winning the leg bag. Texas nonprofit hospitals on average charge $2,401 per day for in-patient stays according a report by Ellison, 2016 in Becker’s Hospital CFO. Therefore, each inappropriate admission or late discharge will cost the
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