Essay On Angel Entrepreneurs

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While many investors and business owners do insist that an idea is the important element of any business entity, they also do concur that it is quite challenging to start, operate and sustain any business venture without capital. The situation gets even more complicated given the gender-based issues still affecting communities not just within America but also worldwide. However, following the continuous creation of awareness around such critical concerns the situation is gradually gaining the attention of both governmental and non-governmental institutions alike. The goal is to enable women-owned businesses get funded to maintain and expand their operations and this has facilitated a tremendous and commendable increase in the number of…show more content…
With well-known finance consultants, specialists, and publications alike concurring that only a paltry amount of venture capital goes to funding female-led enterprises and even a lesser number of capital firms being women oriented, business loans offer another alternative to financing women-owned businesses. Most finance institutions have come up with strict business regulations thus making access to business loans for women challenging. Nevertheless, the good news is that there have been upcoming institutions that appreciate the efforts and the impact women have progressively in the business work. GoKapital ( for example, have made it extremely easy for small businesses and more so for women to access business loans by doing away with the rigorous application process as well as some of the daunting requirements. Their loan product that is specifically designed, putting into consideration women-owned business needs is just one of the best alternatives for women entrepreneurs. They have a hustle free application process that can even be done in the comfort of your office or couch and more delightful is the fact they require no collateral. With collateral being ascribed as the major reason why most enterprises have failed in securing loans, women business owners can take advantage on GoKapital given that they only require a year being in business, 3 monthly statements and only around $ 100,000
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