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Over the past couple of centuries, a lot of things have changed throughout America such as, technology advances, medical advances, and women's rights to name just a few. Going back to the 1600's when we first came to America, there are very few things that are similar to what life is like now compared to life back then. When examining the life of Anne Bradstreet and the life of women back in that time period, it is hard to imagine what their lives were like and what they had to go through. With Bradstreet being a writer, she was able to portray some of her emotions, what she went through, and what life might have been like back then for women through her poems. Although Bradstreet was portrayed as a strong Puritan woman; through her poetry, such as "The Birth of One of Her Children," reveal how many hardships she went through in her life experiences. When examining the history of women's struggles and everything that they went through in the 1600s as Puritan women, Bradstreet's writing reflects what she might have experienced. There were strict rules that Puritan women of early America had to follow to be accepted into their world. Along with many other restrictions, "married women were not allowed to possess property, sign contracts, or conduct business, and their husbands owned everything, including the couple’s children" (American Women). In "To My Dear and Loving Husband" by Anne Bradstreet, Bradstreet expresses how she practically worships her husband and thanks him

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