Essay On Anti Gun Laws

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With many recent school shootings the question, should gun privileges be taken away, has been raised. Each year an estimated 4.5 million firearms are sold in the US alone. Around 30,000 deaths occur due to firearms annually. Research from NBC news reveals that 1/2 of the death are between the age of 18 - 35. A common belief is that if guns are taken away less violence will occur. Gun control will not stop the mass shootings. Most of the public shootings are committed by people that are mentally ill or are on strong anti depressant medicine. Telling the public to hand over their guns will not stop the mentally ill from finding one to make a public scene and be heard. Changing the way we view and react to these situations will. Instead of changing the law to take guns away…show more content…
Most people believe that if guns were seized crime would come to an abrupt halt. This is not the case. Law abiding citizens would indeed hand their guns over, but criminals and people who plan to do harm with guns would keep them. This would do nothing except give them an advantage. Criminals would be able to commit more crimes and get away with them. They would have more control of the situation knowing theres nothing the citizen could do to harm them. Research finds that in most countries where gun control laws have been put in place, they do not have any lower death rates. In Norway 32% of households have guns, yet they have the lowest murder rate. Guns are a must-have to feel truly safe. Never will gun control stop violence. Gun control will leave citizens completely dependent on the government. Without being able to rely on yourself for safety we must rely on the government. The government is trying to take our 2nd amendment right away so we are defenseless, which will give them the power they so desire. America was not founded to be a communist country, we the people should have say whether we want a gun under our beds or
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