Essay On Anti-Infective Review Guideline

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The objective of the guideline was clearly stated. It helps health practitioners to decide treatment option for patients with upper respiratory tract infection symptoms and a sore throat.
The guideline is designed for the patients who are 3-year old and above. The recommended treatment options are based on presenting symptoms and age. The McIsaac score was adapted in aiding decision making. When treatment is recommended, a selection of antibiotics for treatment is provided for different age population.
The guideline is clearly stated for all ages, the scoring system adjusted for age for treatment. The treatment options are purposely separated to prevent confusion.
The guidelines is created in Canada and the anti-Infective review panel consists …show more content…

the process is well defined and mainly consists of anti-infective review panel.
The creation of guideline is to assist health care professional to decide the antibiotic selection.
The guideline provides a list of references with only the primary author and the published year. It didn't provide the detail information on how the evidence were located, or how the process is done.
There is no information on how the evidence are selected. The support team of the guideline publisher are not able to provide such information and recommended to use google search.
There is no detail information on the quality of evidence. therefore there is no information on the design, methodology limitations, appropriateness/relevance of the selected evidence.
There is no information on: description of the recommendation development process, outcomes of the recommendation development process,description of how the process influenced the recommendations. the guideline reduce the risk of improper antibiotic use. the benefits of following guideline to treat bacterial pharyngitis is: to prevent rheumatic fever; and to shorten the course of pharyngitis. The side effects, not stated in the guideline, will be from the use of antibiotics. the link is weak due to the fact that no reference detail are listed from the

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