Essay On Arab Immigration

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Arab/Middle Eastern Americans represent the individuals who immigrated from the Middle East to the United States or those who were born in the United States and are of Middle Eastern descent (El-Aswad, 2010). According to El-Aswad, Arab Americans are immigrants to America, family oriented, religious, and Arabic speaking people who originated from 22 different Arab countries (2010). Arab immigrants, similar to other foreigners, leave their native land to live in the United States for various reasons. Some people dream of having a better education/job, starting a new lifestyle, and/or live in freedom in pursuit of hopes and dreams. In recent years, following 9/11 and the attack on the New York Twin Towers, the Middle Eastern Americans have been the center of negative attention by media (El-Aswad, 2010).
Middle-Eastern immigration is a nationwide cultural issue that requires addressing. Immigration is becoming increasingly difficult for the Arab people due to the label of "terrorist”. The discrimination and negativity towards Arabs is limiting their access to the liberty and justice this country offers all individuals.
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The controversies that occur between dominant and minority groups can blur the lines between the two groups. According to Marsiglia & Kulis, people with higher power may take their resources and money elsewhere if they are unsatisfied with the changes made to the established system that promotes prejudice. This leads to an undesirable opposite effect where the system becomes more segregated and separated (2015). Further difficulty with contact theory is the assumption that everyone wants to interact with others who do not share the same background, race, and/or belief. According to Marsiglia & Kulis (2015), humans prefer to follow the “homophily” principle since it validates that individuals want to spend time with people who look like them and act like them
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