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Are you looking for a New Home?
Social class has presented itself as a description of how members of the society have sorted themselves through different variables, and property being one of them. Individuals whom, who have been identified as being in the upper class adheres to certain standards, one being: owning property. Property in this letter will refer to homes. Where do you fit? Homes are one of the many ways that one may assume your social class. Homes that look like the picture above, is definitely a home for the wealthy. Will you see a person making $50,000 a year living there? Our society looks at these types of houses autonomously, put these individuals in a high social capital. The "professional class", also called the "upper
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They are making enough money for there family, where there family never has to worry about there needs being met. However, a home can tell what type of job you may also possess. Individuals may not make over $50,000, but they may have savings or investments that are a lot more than there income. Middle-class individuals are a mixture of the working class and the individuals who work as semi-professionals. These individuals are very likely to be accepted for a mortgage loan in order to buy a home. Middle-class individuals are more likely to own a home than those of the lower Do you live in a home similar to this?

the middle class and below to buy a home. The middle class, in particular, buy homes that are not too expensive, but definitely homes to let others know that they are not the lower middle class. Many of the nice neighborhoods are the ones that individuals prefer to be living. A middle-class individual, for the most part, will not live in the low-income part of the city. Middle-class individuals tend to have nice paying jobs, but those jobs sometimes fail which causes people from solid middle-class jobs to go towards minimum-wage employment. However, the middle class has subgroups within it, for instance, the professional middle class these individuals hold jobs like Lawyers, commissioned Military Officers, High school teachers, Registered Nurses, and etc (Ehrenreich, 1989). Overall, many social
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