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Love is portrayed in society as a perfect bond between two people and that they live happily ever after but that is not always the case. In the story “Once upon a Time in a Tent” written by Tim Neville talks about his time living in a tent in his backyard and his journey through his three relationships. In the story “The Arranged Marriage” written by Mira Jacob she talks about how her parents are in an arranged marriage and never showed any affection towards each other. Mira Jacob a writer who has appeared in Guernica, the Telegraph and Bookanista wrote the story “The Arranged Marriage” about how her parents were in arranged marriage and fell in love with each other 30 years later. Growing up Jacob saw her friends “once-affectionate…show more content…
He fell in love with the outdoors and started to do things that he loved. He studied abroad in Switzerland and started to learn a different language. He started to become himself again. Before he left for Switzerland he got into a relationship and tried to maintain it while he was in a new country it did work out. When he moved back from Switzerland he decided to move to Montana where he had hoped would look like Switzerland but it did not. He then met another girl and got into a relationship with her and soon after got married to her. Nevilles story goes with assumption 2 thats “chemistry” = love. In all of Neville's descriptions of his girlfriends he explains how every girl “was the most beautiful girl [he] had ever seen” (Neville 280). In all of his descriptions he tends to focus on the physical attraction that he had to all of the girls and in the end all of them ended except one. In the last girl that he dates and eventually marries he does not really talk about her physical attributes but that love between them is so much more than just attraction. With his wife he talks about taking her to his best friend's wedding and where he grew up. With his other girlfriends he does not focus on any of that. With his wife it goes beyond “chemistry” = love it goes to true love. In “The Arranged Marriage” Jacob realizes what true love is and it is shown through her parents which were the last two people that she

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