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Mrs. Mallard’s husband was a prominent figure in society because “… Brently Mallard’s name led the list of people ‘killed” (Chopin 128). Newspapers printed sensationalized articles by naming important people first as a way to sell a paper (McNamara). During the 1800s, arranged marriages were customary in America for gaining financial stability, increasing class status, or raising children. It was contrary to the societal norm for women to postpone marriages until later in life because they were needed as wives and mothers at home.
Many people perceive getting married at an early age as an impediment to their happiness in living a meaningful life (Gaille). These sentiments were echoed by Mrs. Mallard who stated, “There would be no
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Mallard which obstructed their ability to have a strong relationship. Their mutual feelings for each other were not equal. Mr. Mallard had greater affection for Mrs. Mallard and exhibited more passion and intimacy, as indicated by Mrs. Mallard who described him as having “kind, tender hands folded in death…” (Chopin 129). However, a considerable age difference existed between this couple. Mrs. Mallard was described as having “two white slender hands” and “young, with a fair, calm face, whose lines bespoke repression and even a certain strength” (Chopin 129), while Mr. Mallard’s features were “fixed and gray” (Chopin 129). Mrs. Mallard, who had a youthful calm face, was restrained in her marriage to Mr. Mallard who was visibly older with gray hair and controlling in his rigid ways. She was subjected to her husband’s patriarchal role in their marriage which made her unhappy and unable to express her repressed youthful nature. Nonetheless, it turned out that Mrs. Mallard did not favor Brently Mallard as her husband and wished to not be married to him. Hence, she began to cheer that she was “free” (Chopin 129) as she gathered her thoughts in the privacy of her bedroom.
The primary reason for an arranged marriage was to establish financial stability. A successful man could bring in adequate income to steadily support his wife and family, but there were no guarantees of happiness. This was revealed by what Mrs. Mallard was

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