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The artifact was created for future educators who are researching the topic of reading comprehension and ways to improve the literacy area. The artifact focuses on two students in 11th grade from ages of 16 to 17 who need improvement in reading comprehension. The main subject of the artifact is reading and its components are graphic organizers and comprehension. The setting was in the library where one worked one on one with the student in a quiet environment where the students could concentrate on the interventions. Both students are diagnosed with learning disabilities.

The best practices I utilized to implement the artifact was researching the topic, applying the interventions, and lots of repetition. My two students learned how to organize
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As it relates to student learning, I would just implement one graphic organizer than two to see which works better. The FEAPs FL-MDC-FEAP-2010-2.1.b, FL-MDC-FEAP-2010-2.1.e, and FL-MDC-FEAP-2010-2.4.a are incorporated in the lesson through enhancing prior knowledge, using student diagnostic data to create interventions, and accommodating the student need based on assessment data and the students learning need. The FEAPs FL-MDC-FEAP-2010-2.4.b, FL-MDC-FEAP-2010-2.4.c, and FL-MDC-FEAP-2010-2.4.d are incorporated in the artifact by the creation of assessments used to assess and improve reading comprehension for student mastery, utilizing multiple tools to monitor student achievement, and the modifying and accommodating the student’s learning styles. The last FEAP that is incorporated in the artifact is FL-MDC-FEAP-2010-2.5.c because of the variety of data that was gathered independently. I will continue to grow as it relates to the assignment by focusing on the needs of the students and doing as much as possible for them to improve. As it pertains to the FEAPs, I will continue to apply the knowledge learned to other assignments and in the future as an

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