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Artificial Intelligence, an acronym for AI. It is a new technical science in the research and development of intelligent theories, methods, techniques and applications for the simulation, extension and expansion of human beings. In my vision of the artificial intelligence in the future, artificial intelligence can not only manage the daily life of people, but also can become one of the family members to the human beings, and enjoy the same equal human rights. Even we can embed the mind of died people, which can let the died people continue their life to some extent. While, to achieve this vision, there are a lot of missions that I and other people should do. First of all, we need a detailed study some basic theoretical knowledge of…show more content…
My grandmother is a very kind person, and she also has the patience to teach the child carefully because she used to be a teacher at primary school. I enjoyed the time with my grandmother when I was little, and I always cherish the memory of that time. However, the year just before I graduated from primary school, my grandmother died of a serious cancer. Even at that day when she passed away, I was busy in my study, and I was very regretful for not accompanying with grandma when she took her final breath. Beat the human in the recent AlphaGo go player, I am interested in artificial intelligence discipline inspection commission, I think maybe in the future artificial intelligence can resurge died people by copying the mind of human beings, and developed by themselves continuously. From a certain extent, artificial intelligence can extend lives of human beings, and comfort people who have lost their loved ones. Besides my personal emotional reason, the reason why artificial intelligence is an appropriate mission for me to pursue is that I love all the stuffs that related to science fiction. When I was in my primary school, I saw the first science fiction film in my life, the name of that file is Bicentennial man. The film told the story of a robot named Andrew. After he was bought by the master of a family from the store, he was taught a lots of knowledge of

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