Essay On Asian American Culture

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Understanding of the different cultural and racial population is important for counselors to recognize and consider in counseling. Due to the various approaches that should be taken when dealing with different cultures. Our textbook states “Counseling without attention or respect to the critical differences of diversity will likely not be successful.” (Clinton & Ohlschlager pg. 617) It is like you must put their shoes on, within the context of culture for the counselor to be effective. For example, when dealing with Asian clients they are very likely to have intense familial relationships. This contrasts with modern day United States American culture; our culture is centered on the self, not the us.
Some of the Cultural psychosocial issues for Asian cultures are. Stress and conflict dealing with the American view of individualism, assumptions based upon perceived intelligence in math and science, and assimilation in to the American ideal of individualism. Furthermore, there is this wonderful article that did marketing
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One of which is the better understanding of math and science in Asian cultures. However, at the same time the PSYC 101 saying “Correlation does not imply causation” is forever engraved in my mind. Furthermore, some of the personal difficulties I would face when dealing with an Asian American is. I am so far removed from that culture in Arizona, most of the culture I would have to deal with is Hispanic besides my own White culture. I understand more about the Hispanic culture, simply because of where I was born and raised for most of my life. The understanding of culture is extremely important to me as I am also studying to be a Theologian in Biblical text. This requires that I use hermeneutics to grasp the cultural, political, sociological, time-gap, and many other variables to grasp the full understanding of the Biblical
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