Essay On Asian American Identity

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In Asian American studies, identity is “a set of characteristics or a description that distinguishes a person or thing from others” (Ho 125). One would have to truly perceive his or her culture, language, beliefs, customs and values in order to be viewed as a distinct person in terms of identity. However, many Asian Americans are often faced with personal struggles when they are finding their own identity. These included the issues of assimilation, and contradictions of race and identity within their family and school life. They may sometimes feel insecure with their identity as Asian Americans due to their position as racial minorities in the Unites States. As a consequence, some would unconsciously reject their identity when their emotions are severely damaged in confronting with unequal treatment or being labeled with the Asian stereotypes. In his article “Distilling My Korean American Identity,” Patrick S.…show more content…
found the significance of being attached to his Korean identity when he met his significant other. It was the major event happened in his life that helped him to radically define his identity. He was able to truly understand his Korean identity through his wife, Laura as she was the person who redefined who he is to him, and removed the insecurities that Patrick S. had with his identity. Being a Korean was not being different and it would not be an issue of racial identity. Since then, he changed his attitude toward his Korean identity. He had the strength to overcome the problem of expressing himself to others and eventually discovered himself in the purest form that allow him to perceive himself as himself. As life unfolds, we may tend to change the perception of our identity and begin to discover the significance of it to us. It is important to define ‘who I am’ as it directly relates to our life. It would also be the important element in forming our characteristics, personality, beliefs and values that make us an authentic
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