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Hans Asperger and Stereotypes of Autism
Hans Asperger, was an Austrian pediatrician that observe autistic-like behaviors and social and communication challenges of children that hade normal intelligence as well as normal language development, in the 1940’s. Asperger syndrome is a type of Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). PDD involve delays in the development of skills, mostly around social, communication, and imagination and abstract thinking skills. Many experts argue that Asperger syndrome is a milder form of autism, as called today High functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (HFASD).

Asperger’s work consisted on a historic review of specific Autism case studies that even though were a great basis for the upcoming research in the
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This special ability was defined by Asperger as savantism. Even if savantism exists within an individual case of autism, the majority does not possess savantism (Draaisma, 2009). The stereotype of savantism is far from reality, and led to unrealistic expectations from autistic individuals that are not gifted. Adding to that stereotype, is the concept that a person with the disorder also possess a “robotic” features, and lack of feelings, which is not a true representation of the majority of such individuals (Draaisma, 2009).

Lack of social skills have led to a different stereotype on autism. It represent authenticity and lack of phoniness. According to this view, this authenticity is a value of autistic individuals who are able to teach others valuable lessons. It leads to the view that autism is not a disorder.According to this view, even typical individuals may be considered autistic, and in some extent, perhaps even the entire population can be considered to be autistic. This stereotype contributes to the distortion of the autism concept. (Draaisma,
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