Essay On Asylum In Australia

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Description of my topic: I will present in front of a year 7 Class individually, but I will have someone with me to help me out with the papers. I will present by using a PowerPoint Presentation with dot points. My topic is based on refugees explaining each slide with my own words for approximately 45 minutes max. I am going to present with a 2-3 minute video to the class about refugees seeking asylum in Australia. 2. Description of how you are going to present? (2-3 sentences) I am going to present with full eye contact, trying to not read the information off the cue cards and memorise them. I am going to use examples from a different article about the government and compare it to my PowerPoint presentation. I will write a question on the…show more content…
Tasks you need to complete (List) I will organise a year 7 class/period and what day I will present my PowerPoint presentation on refugees. An asylum seeker is a person who is seeking protection as a refugee and is still waiting to have his/her claim assessed. The Refugee Convention definition is used by the Australian Government to determine whether our country has protection obligations towards asylum seekers. If an asylum seeker who has reached Australia is found to be a refugee, Australia is obliged under international law to offer protection and to ensure that the person is not sent back unwillingly to a country in which they risk being persecuted. The numbers witnessed since 2002 was reversed in 2006 when numbers started going up again. By the end of 2006, there were an estimated 9.9 million refugees. One year later, the global figure of refugees stood at 11.4 million, including 1.7 million people. Many refugees are not safe in bordering countries, and they must look further afield for protection. Sometimes they will need to take complex and dangerous routes in order to reach a country where they believe they will be safe and can start a new life. Australia has agreed to take in 13 500 refugees and other humanitarian entrants in
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