Essay On Athens Vs Sparta Government

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Athens and Sparta: A look into their government
In ancient Greece Athens and Sparta were known for being the biggest and most successful city states. Both Athens and Sparta were very influential and powerful polis, but they were very different from each other. They were not only different in their way of life, but their biggest difference was how they governed.
Athens had a democratic government while Sparta had an oligarchy type government. In Athens free adult males over twenty who had Athenian parents were the only ones who had a say in the government. These males made up the people’s assembly which voted on who held office and laws. In order for any of the men to be eligible for public office they had to at least have an annual income
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Peter J. Brand, all recognized free male citizens of Sparta were members of the popular assembly. Only warriors could be a part of this assembly which was their way of participating in political life and “voting”. Only males were allowed to have a say and females were only seen as a breeding machine. In Sparta they had two kings but neither held much of the power. The Gerousia and the Ephors were the ones with all the power and they usually told the kings what to do. For the ephors there were no rules on who could be elected you did not have to be an aristocrat, five males were annually elected for this position. The kings had to come from two royal clans. In order to be elected for the gerousia you had to be a Spartan aristocrat of at least sixty years old, there were thirty positions but two belonged to the kings.
Athens and Sparta were similar in some parts of their governmental structure. One of the ways that they were similar is that they both had an assembly for eligible voters. In Sparta it was the popular assembly and in Athens it was called the people’s assembly. Both countries also had the power distributed. Sparta had the kings, the ephors and the gerousia while Athens had magistrates, a council and jurors. Athens was different from Sparta’s governmental structure in the way that they had no king or someone that appeared to hold the executive branch. Sparta had no court or jurors for those who infringed the
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