Essay On Athletic Training

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Americans love their sports. People are constantly watching games like football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and volleyball live and on TV. There are many factors that go on during sports that keep them going. We all know about the coaches, players, fans, referees, and team owners, but on of the most important part is sometimes forgotten. That part happens to be athletic trainers. Athletic trainers make sure the athletes stay in good health and make sure that athletes recover from injuries so that they can return to the game. Athletic trainers also help prevent injuries from happening. Being an athletic trainer is a career path that involves many years of education and practice. Athletic trainers seem to go unnoticed at many sporting events, but in fact, have to go through tons of education and training and are a major part in health in sports.
An Athletic trainer can work in many levels ranging from high schools to professionals. They help
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Degrees and Basic Training Needed Athletic trainers should have a degree from a four-year college and must pass the board of certification exam. Soon enough, it will be required to obtain a master's degree to become a certified athletic trainer (CAATE.2017). They should also be certified in First Aid and CPR which is a basic necessity for athletic trainers. Before taking the board of certification exam, trainers must complete the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education or CAATE program. Many pieces go into being an athletic trainer and takes a great amount of time and focus to be one. Athletic trainers are certainly overlooked. But they play a very important role to a team’s success. They go through a substantial amount of education and training to help the players be as healthy as they can. It is important that athletic trainers be recognized for the hard work they do for your favorite
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