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The Silent Killer Among Athletes Neurodegenerative diseases among athletes like Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) are far more common among athletes than others. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) a disease which will slowly eat away at all of the muscles in your body, will leave your mind intact, leaving you as a ghost in a shell. CTE affects the functionality of your brain itself unlike ALS. There are no found cures yet to these diseases, but researchers are finding more and more ways that said diseases may be prevented. A concussion is when your brain itself is shaken hard enough it will smash against the inner walls of your skull. New measures to ensure the safety and future health of athletes like new and improved safety gear,…show more content…
This is causing significantly higher rates of injuries in the knees and the ankles, some are career ending. New standards can be introduced into sports but, an idea may seem good on paper and it may not turn out the way it was intended. Although ALS is still very unknown to the world of science and medicine, CTE can be prevented if additional precautions were put into play by sports. So far there are no noted direct causes of ALS, but researches are lead to believe that gene mutations and genetics are associated with ALS. A parent who is a carrier of the disease has a 50% chance pass it off to their children. Another compelling statistic is that 60% of the carriers of ALS are male and 93% of the patients are caucasian. Much more is known about CTE, a direct cause to CTE are head injuries. Soccer, a sport where you can literally deflect a ball off of your head has some negative effects. In competitive soccer the ball is headed six to twelve times a game per player, the ball is traveling much faster in a real game than at practice. The ball will deal a sub-concussive blow to the players head, game after game, these sub-concussive blows accumulate, the results are brain damage, changes to the anatomy of the brain which lead to slower cognitive skills, and degeneration of the brain. It’s no wonder why
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