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What is the most important fundamental of communication? Some may argue that fundamental’s such as channels, tone, and bias free language would be considered the most effective when communicating, but one fundamental many overlook is that of audience analysis. Audience analysis can be the difference between a mundane communication and an appealing informative type of communication. So below I will explain why audience analysis is a key fundamental of communication due to its purpose, demographics, and psychographics.
One of the key fundamentals of effective communicators is the ability to appeal to the audience by adapting to their psychographic and demographics in order to create a more informative, enjoyable, and relevant communication. This process is known as audience analysis; audience analysis is an important piece of communication due to its ability to influence and affect other parts of communication such as tone, style,
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Psychographics can range from things such as values, opinion, attitudes, and beliefs that audience members hold due to culture, upbringing, and life experiences. Psychographics can provide information in which helps the sender direct their message across clearly. It is believed that audiences have two preexistent notions that may frame references such as, those of the topic and those of the communicator. By understanding psychographic analysis it helps you to identify preexistent notions and identify them in communication and adapt the message in the way that the communicator means to. Psychographics can be important in delivering a clear message to the audience, such as two people may agree that they don’t eat junk food but the definition in which they label junk food may be different. So it is important to understand psychographics when considering audience analysis to convey a clear and impressionable message as well as address preexistent
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