Essay On Australian Labour Party

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The Australian Labor Party is the oldest party of Australia, founded on May the 3rd in 1901. The first Labour prime minister was Chris Watson. The Labor government aims to promote equality and to involve the Australian people in the decision making of the nation. In basic terms, the ALP is all for the rights of the people of Australia.
The AWU or trade union made the Labor party unique and originality, hence the name of ‘Labour’ or ‘Labor’ party was influenced by the trade union, meaning that it represented the workers and working class of Australia.

This policy of the ALP aims to support education for all children in all schools such as government, catholic schools and independent schools. A $37.3 billion investment will fund every child and see that every child is provided with more individual attention, better-trained teachers and better support for students with a
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The Liberal government, who are in power at the moment, have cut $650 million dollars from Medicare in the half-year budget review. This puts patients in the position of paying thousands of dollars upfront for general tests that are usually covered by Medicare or assisted in payment from Medicare. These tests include, MRI scans, X-rays, CAT scans and mammograms. The increased expenses of these tests discourage people from having these check ups and tests performed which results in sicknesses and illnesses not being diagnosed. The Coalition has also cut hospital funding. $57 billion of funding has been cut from already struggling public hospitals. This causes increasing emergency waits, less hospital beds and less access to quality facilities. If Labour were to be in power, they would be doing all they can to uphold the importance of Medicare and fund it not cut the financial
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