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Automated CPR chest band could save lives (-- removed HTML --)
There is a revolutionary resuscitation device that could help save several lives. Created by the company ZOLL, “Autopulse” offers uninterrupted, high-quality CPR whenever needed. There are also no limitations with where the Autopulse can be used, making it very flexible and convenient for professionals.
Furthermore, the device will aid in improving the services by EMTs, giving them the ability and time to do more work to save the patient in need.
CPR without pause
When a person suddenly goes into cardiac arrest, first responders need to start chest compressions right away in an attempt to keep the person alive.
What Autopulse does that humans cannot is it administers nonstop chest compressions to the patient. How this differs from the work of humans is that while delivering chest compressions, rescuers may pause briefly, or any jolt in the
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Once started, the Autopulse will administer chest compressions continually until stopped.
Additionally, another great aspect of the device is it can be altered based on the size, shape and resistance of a person’s chest.

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Increasing in use
The Autopulse is not a new model. First introduced in 2003, it has since increased in popularity and has helped save the lives of several people.
Supporting the health of EMTs
Not only can the Autopulse provide additional support for EMTs, freeing them up to carry out other tasks or serving as extra aid in the event of being short-staffed, but it also decreases the strain on them.
Administering CPR is not an easy task; it is tiring and requires a large amount of strength and stamina from people. Therefore, this CPR device works to also ensure first responders aren’t getting over-exerted while on duty.
Only for professional use
Although the CPR device can be applied quickly and simply, it is not recommended to be used by
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