Essay On Aztec Society

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Captain,I have the information that you needed me to get you. The information about the Aztec’s Daily life, Government, Slaves, City and their marriage. Well,I listen to a lot of the conversations that people have. I didn’t hear much, although, I heard enough. Last,I think that you will find this information very helpful. This information is very valuable to many people. Okay, so, here is what I know. To start off with,here are something that you might want to know, the first thing is that there are people called nobles.They live in the luxury houses and wear colorful clothes and have slaves do their work for them. Next,they get to take steam baths everyday. They also carried around fans made out of feathers. Next, the poor lived in huts and wove mats. Most of them are farmers that plant all of the food. Finally,the poor always basic normal clothes that are not fancy or decorated. To sum it up, it is against the law for the…show more content…
The first thing is, if a child was born of a slave or not, they were free children. Some family would treat them like they were their own child. They could not treat them as a slave because they were not a slave. The military now, boys would go into the military to prove that they were becoming a man. Soldiers were respected and highly trained. They were also very fierce fighters in the war. The soldiers never lost a single war.
The Aztecs city was a great city that has reigned for generations and generations to come. By the 1500’s there were more than 300,000 people that lived there. Mexico City was built on the ruins of the Aztec city. Today in Mexico, the engineers discovered the same problem the Aztecs did hundreds of years ago. Their city was very beautiful, it had restaurants, shops and many other things. There are hairdressers, medicine shops, basket shops, herb and embroidered clothing. The Aztecs have very magnificent and spectacular
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