Essay On Bangladesh Genocide

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The Bangladesh genocide started with Operation Searchlight, a planned military pacification carried out by the west Pakistan Army against east Pakistan that began on 25 March, 1971. The goal was to curb the Bengali nationalist movement by taking control of the major cities and then eliminating all opposition, political or military. The people of Pakistan wanted to systematically deprive the Bihari community culturally, economically and politically. Pakistan was known as West Pakistan and what is now Bangladesh was known as East Pakistan. West Pakistan wanted to culturally assimilate Bengalis culturally. During the nine-month-long Bangladesh war for independence, members of the Pakistani military and supporting Islamist militias from Jamaat-e-Islami…show more content…
Pakistan could not gather international support, it fought a lone battle with few countries supporting it. The United Nations condemned the human rights violations made by Pakistan but they failed to restrain the situation politically before the start of the war. Following the declaration of independence in March 1971, a campaign was launched by the Provisional Government of Bangladesh to gather political support for the independence of East Pakistan as well as humanitarian support for the Bengali people. India provided major diplomatic and political support to the Bangladesh movement. Pakistan wanted India to agree to a ceasefire and asked the UN to intervene but by the time their proposal was finished, Pakistan's forces had surrendered and the war was over. Pakistan was sought for war crimes but the Bangladeshi government was not interested in gathering evidence because of fear that Pakistan and other Muslim states wouldn’t Bangladesh official recognition. This genocide could not have been prevented. West and East Pakistan were once one country, but they were a divided one. Eventually East Pakistan was going to want independence from the West which would have resulted in a civil war just like the Bangladesh Liberation war. Relations between Bangladesh and Pakistan improved in the years following the genocide. To this day, Pakistan refuses to acknowledge
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