Essay On Banquettes

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Banquettes are an alternative to chairs, a functional and space-saving solution, which offers seating and storage. Commonly incorporated in kitchens and dining areas, customized banquettes usually help fill awkward corners and niches and put them to use, which makes banquettes a favorite seating option. Although it depends on the size of the space, as they are easily accessible when combined with banquettes, relatively smaller trestle or pedestal tables are a suitable solution. In small spaces, where every inch counts, banquettes offer extra storage. These usually yet not necessarily built-in benches of different sizes and designs/from tiny L-shaped to U-shaped to semi-circular to long one-sided ones/ work well in spaces of any style and help create intimate, casual atmosphere.…show more content…
Sometimes, windows seats are designed to double as daybeds. Plenty of throw pillows are used to give these spaces a sense of coziness. In the picture above, an adorable bedroom with adequate natural light. In this space, an inviting window seat that doubles as a reading nook offers a gorgeous garden view. Throw pillows and a throw coordinated with the bedspread add color, pattern, and texture and give the space a sense of coziness. Built-ins flanking the window seat provide ample storage. A floor lamp adds vertical interest and provides artificial light. When creatively incorporated, banquettes don't make only window seats and reading nooks, though.
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