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“So, coming into 4th quarter here and we have a huddle called by the Cougars. Here we go setting up we are tied 62 - 62. This could be the make or break moment of each team and who gets to progress into the Championship Playoffs.” Says the announcer.
“Set up in pro. Were going to try a 32 dive, 32 dive. On down, on down. Ready break” Colten Wayfair, the Bradshaw Cougars’ quarterback, tells his team what play to run. “Red 32, Red 32! Down!” the centre huts the ball to Colten. “And we’re off!” declares the announcer.

Crack! Goes the pads on pads on the line as rushers try to get passed blockers. Colten is looking around waiting for an open man. He sees nobody! Where are his teammates? Is Colten going to have to run it? All questions going
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“Colten, I understand you don’t like school.” says Coach
“Yes sir”
“But that doesn't make it okay to have a 20 in Math!”
“Yes sir”
“Quit just saying yes sir every time you get told something about school and moving on with your life ignoring what you were just told! Take what you are told into consideration and fix it! Or else you're off the team.”
“But Coach--”
“Enough! Fix it or else. Now go, you have a lot to work on.”
Colten leaves Coach's office with his head hung low and is starting to take in what consequences might come from this, because there is no way he’ll get his marks up in 2 months.
The next day Colten goes into school and everyone is congratulating him but it doesn’t make him feel happy this time. This time he just keeps a straight face and goes to math class. When walking into class, he looks at the board and sees an equation that looks like a foreign language that he doesn't understand. Colten starts to stress. He feels discouraged and begins to accept that he probably isn't going to make the game.
Colten sees that they have been given a seating plan and he is beside a really smart guy named James Harden. He was a “straight A student” and had never failed a test in his life. Colten had never talked to him before, but in his case decided to take a chance today and maybe he can help him.
“Hey” says Colten.
“Um hello?”

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