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History of Bata
In 1931 Bata India Limited was incorporated in Calcutta for all types of footwear, their components and allied products. Originally promoted as Bata Shoe Co Pvt Ltd by Switzerland based firm, it became a public limited company in 1937 and was known as Bata India Ltd. In the same year tanning was introduced in their product portfolio with main factory at BataNagar in West Bengal. First major shoe-making machinery in India was established by Bata followed by leather footwear factory.
In 1988, it entered into agreements with Adidas for manufacturing sports footwear and also with ‘Star’ clothes. 1992 was a milestone year as it set up a green field project in Hosur, Tamil Nadu with high tech manufacturing units. Bata, over the years, has gained a good market share and has established flagship stores across
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Exclusive hush puppies: 31 showrooms
4. SIS store: 28 outlets
5. Exclusive Footin stores: 10
6. Non-retail segment: via institutional and defence wholesale division, it caters to 30000 direct sales and 180 distributors.
7. New large format stores in pipeline with more expansion of exclusive Hush Puppies and Footin stores

Product portfolio and marketing strategies
Bata spent less 1% on its advertising and mostly banked upon its large distribution network on the lines of ”Location Location Location” and a product for a wide range of economic segments. Its offered availability with VFM(Value for money) which made people recall the brand.
Upper Middle Class Hush Puppies, Scholl, Marie Claire
Lower Middle Class Sunshine, Bata lIte, Power
Lower Income Group Sandal, Bata Manufacturing
Bata has successfully managed to revolutionize the shoe manufacturing process by continuous innovation in product line in parallel to the actual production. The credit goes to Bata for introducing DVP(Direct Vulcanization process), PVC, athletic footwear and bringing in Slush- moulded footwear in Indian market. Following is the overview of the production process at

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