Essay On Beautiful Beauty

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I gaze into the mirror and all I see is imperfection: stretch marks, cellulite, acne, oddly shaped legs, little breasts, boring eye, flat hair, freckles. “Nobody is perfect, you’re beautiful just the way you are,” people say but they lie. There is no way I can be perfect, my body isn’t stick-thin like the models the fashion industry flaunts, nor is it well endowed like the women featured on social media. I’m constantly aware of it, but I realize other girls are also impacted by beauty standards. The constant, nagging pressure to conform to these standards is detrimental to the physical and mental health of numerous women. One area that this pressure come from is the push to appear beautiful on social media. Every day we are…show more content…
Thus, it is no surprise that beauty often overshadows the emotional connections in some relationships. Unfortunately, because of the intense focus on appearance, “ we are surprised when someone who is beautiful is also intelligent, talented, and good” (Sontag). It’s understandable yet depressing. Moreover, it is degrading and hurtful to one’s self-image when one’s appearance is more valued than one’s personality. Similarly, jobs even outside of the fashion and cosmetic industries focus more on beauty than ability or intelligence. This is an illogical yet uncontrollable issue so, we cover our pores and blemishes, pluck and draw on our eyebrows, and hide our fat rolls under constricting Spanx. Attempting to be beautiful is a burden, mentally and physically yet many jobs rely on it. Alas, cosmetic surgery is now “considered a career necessity” (Rosen). However, appearance doesn’t seem as if it would be a factor in obtaining a job. Therefore, even if it was your appearance that hindered your ability to get a job, it would often be blamed on shortcomings in your brain or skill set, creating a much more detrimental impact on one’s self-esteem. Rather than feeling worthless about a trivial attribute like looks you feel incompetent and worthless which, from personal experience is far worse. For feeling unintelligent cause you to feel utterly worthless and you start to think:
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