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Author Suzanne Eglington continues to tantalize readers with her third installment of her adult contemporary romance series: Beckham 101 The Kate and Robert Chronicles. She has received accolades for her previous Installment in the series Inceptions, the Kate and Robert Chronicles, and after reading this entry in the series, it is easy to see why. Beckham 101, resumes the erogenously, tantalizing love story of Kate and her uber -macho, husband Robert, as a recently married couple settling into their lives and each other, as they become more deeply acclimated as spouses and lovers.

The characters of Kate and Robert are quite intriguing to follow, married after a week of dating, they both have a lot to learn about each other and marriage. Husband Robert, is a type-A personality who is controlling, super-organized, domineering and has an intensely protective attachment for his wife will leave readers wondering just what did happen to this super confident, hunky ex-stripper, turned cop, to make him so stringent in his role as husband to Kate,. On the other hand there is the beautiful Kate who is seemingly just as attached to Robert but, not controlling she in fact is rather submissive to her husband's whim's and demands due to her
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Author Suzanne Eglington did a wonderful job of creating the fascinating, very adult characters of Kate and Robert whose immersion into married life made for an interesting exploration of a couple learning and exploring each other on deeply intimate levels. Although, the story was not fraught with especially dramatic moments, action or mystery, the story was well paced and frequently interspersed with powerful moments of intense eroticism fueled by the super—charged sexual desires of Kate and Robert. Overall, I recommend Beckham 101, this would make a great “hot and bothered” summer read to add to any collection of adult
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