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. As the days went on, I felt drained from sitting at a desk for 8 hours, not only that, I kept researching different majors and I was examining into one specific major. By the end of the semester, I took a difficult decision and informed my advisor that I had a desire to change my major. She explained that I could if I was qualified as a freshman, however, due to the large amount of credits I possessed, I was qualified as a sophomore. Not only that, I was required to declare my major by the beginning of junior year, therefore, I didn’t have an option. Either I stayed at what my major was or leave a year and apply to a nursing program.
In the end, I decided to leave my first college. I wasn’t sure of what to do with a year, however, I
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I’m happily to say that I love interacting with people and helping them out as much as they need.
At first, I had a difficult time with exiting and entering loan interview, passing in paper works for financial aid, and registering new classes since I always had help from my sister. Due to the fact that I transferred and she was not around because of work, I called the college and explained what I didn’t comprehend. They explained to me where I could find my advisor, how to get financial aid, what I should do and who to talk to about the path I want to take for my career. By the end of August, I had everything done and I felt relieved that MCC staffs were very friendly and assisted me step by step through the process.
When I visited Manchester Community College for the first time, I was surprised about the free permit parking pass, the parking lots, the cafeteria, the gym, the hybrid course, and the main building of the college. I had the impression that Manchester Community college had only two parking lots, but there are spacious parking lots in the back of the school. I didn’t know that the college has a cafeteria until a professor mentioned about it. I thought since the college didn’t have dorms, therefore, there wouldn’t be a cafeteria and a gym. The gym is a nice touch to the college because students will not have to spend money for gym memberships.
From the outside,
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