Essay On Behaving Ethically Online

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Behaving ethically online Be who you really are or people will think you're an imposter - Thomas Scott Bonser Which me should you be? 1: most of the time lying doesn’t help 2: if someone finds out someone else is lying to them the friendship usually diminishes 3: sometimes the person faking it wants to get information out of you … either for good or bad Don’t lie unless necessary Online, 99% of the time you should be you (except if most of the time you are a jerk to other people because then you might want to consider being nicer to people than you usually are) because people would rather talk to the real person than a fake version of you … so imagine you're talking to someone that says they love spiders on a game like online elder…show more content…
Is fake accounts lying? Lying is the use of misinformation to deceive someone or gain the upper hand so fake accounts would be a big public lie I believe a fake account is basically a big lie that everyone can access because you're sending out false information (lying) you're using a false personality (lying) and the account is leaving information that tricks people into believing you're the real deal (lying) What are my values on stealing? By the age of 20 everyone would of stole at least 1 thing whether on accident or on purpose whether knowingly or unknowingly I don’t steal anything on purpose unless it’s my sibling items which i can easily return or any food items at home because i am a BLACK HOLE eating everything “edible” to me My thoughts on the slide on stealing We all have different mindsets so we have different opinions on stealing so we all do and think of it differently I usually am at home watching
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