Essay On Benzophenone

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Based on Table 1 for experiment Part A which is the solubility of solid compounds, it resulted in the mixture of solution between benzophenone and water were insoluble. Water is highly polar meanwhile benzophenone is only slightly polar due to its carbon and oxygen is bonded by double bond. The fact that benzophenone is hydrocarbon, further addition of carbon atoms to the chain will decrease the polarity. The pi bonds in benzophenone also allow for greater Van Der Waals forces. Next, benzophenone and methanol were partially soluble because they have equivalent polarity. Benzophenone and methanol both possess an electronegative oxygen atom[2] that accounts for their related polarity and solubility. Benzophenone and hexane were partially insoluble too because hexane is a non-polar. Two non-polar compounds react with each other with the same polarity will not fully ionizes each other completely resulting to the partially soluble end result.…show more content…
Both of the compounds are highly polar. Malonic acid has a short chain of 3 carbons with OH and C=O bonds, which are electronegative and capable of forming strong hydrogen bonds. Water also has OH bonds making is possible for hydrogen bonding and makes it very polar. Next, malonic acid and methanol were soluble at 17 seconds upon mixing. Methanol has intermediate polarity and malonic acid has C=O and OH bonds for hydrogen bonding, making it polar as well. As for malonic acid and hexane, they were soluble but it took the longest time compared to other two which was at 25
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