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2.3. Bilingual education and its types Bilingual education is a simple label to describe a very complex phenomenon. It should be a distinction between education that uses and promotes two languages, and the relatively monolingual education in a second language. There is a difference between the kind where the formal instruction develops the bilingualism and another in the classroom where the bilingual child is present, but the curriculum does not promote bilingualism, i.e. the end is not bilingualism (C. Baker, 2011: 207). Mackey (1970) believes that bilingual education should be as wide as possible in order to accommodate all the ways in which researchers could have used the definition in the past. Bilingual education should be limited to creating educational programs that encourage the use of two languages as a medium of instruction rather than the language of instruction itself. Bilingual education is a generic term used to describe education in schools that have in common the use of two languages. This would be bilingual education that goes from this work: an education whose objective is to encourage and promote the use of bilingualism. We discard the other distinction as bilingualism is not the end in our Curriculum and bilingual child is not present in our classrooms.…show more content…
The complexity of bilingual education becomes more apparent. The management of two languages is essential in today's society, and most of the teachers agree that the sooner you start to study a language, easier and faster will be your purchase. It is necessary to deal with that the schools have a good range of foreign languages and to do so we will know the types of bilingual education. Bilingual teaching models differ in several

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