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Chapter-1 Introduction Biscuit is the one of the oldest bakery snack item, consumed by all age groups. It is a product with better shelf life and one of the most liked bakery product by the urban as well as rural consumers. In India biscuit industries are pegged at 3,000 crores of which the unorganized sector accounts as much as 35 %. India is the one of the largest biscuit producer country in the world and last few years have witnessed substantial increase in the consumption of ready-to-eat snacks including biscuits (Kar et al., 2012). The growth of bakery industry is about 10 % per annum and the products are increasingly becoming popular in all sections of people (Indraniet et al., 1997). Nice eating…show more content…
It is best suited to bakery products not using yeast, including cookies, muffins, bagels, etc. Baked Products Okara contains about 14.6% soluble fiber on a dry weight basis, versus 4% in wheat bran. Some tofu shops are connected to bakeries because okara can be used in a variety of western-style baked products. It not only adds natural fiber and protein, but also gives a unique crumbly texture to breads, muffins, pancakes, donuts, brownies, fudge cookies, okara granola, okara and tofu gingerbread, and okara and grain burger. Recipes were offered in “The Book of Tofu” (Shurtleff et al., 1975). However, the amounts of okara added were not high (usually lower than 10% fresh okara) (Shurtleff et al., 1975). Khare, (1995) fortified biscuits with okara and found a supplement of 60% (by weight) of fresh wet okara, or about 12% of okara on dry basis, was the most
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