Essay On Black Mental Health

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Black mental health differs from White mental health. White people manage mental illness completely different than African Americans. For instance, the 2010 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report states that White people seek and receive treatment or therapy for mental health issues at twice the rate as African Americans.
Black people have experienced psychological, as well as physical trauma that White people have not experienced. The experiences or trauma that certain races or ethnic groups have endured usually determine the mental state that the group is in. For African Americans, slavery or even racism as a whole can be named a culprit. Slavery was a traumatic experience that many Black people do not like to talk about. Slavery brings up feelings of disgust, degradation, pain, and anger. It has been over
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That data revealed that for most Black people, their DNA comes from their African ancestors. Also, according to the results, most African Americans have some European ancestry or White background. The results also showed that African American living in the South have slightly more African DNA (83 percent) than those who do not live in the South (80 percent). The researchers suggested that Black people living in the South have more African DNA because a vast majority of African slaves were sexually exploited prior to the Civil War. Therefore, the slaves that were sexually exploited before the Civil War influenced the DNA of almost all African Americans today. This study proves that a race’s genetic makeup is a result of history. Therefore, the pain and anguish that African slaves endured is indeed, in the genetic makeup of African Americans today. When anger is internalized and unresolved, it becomes an issue. The anger that African slaves felt in 1800 has been passed down from generation to generation and has yet to be
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