Essay On Black Women In The Workplace

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Hall, J.C., Everett, J.E., Hamilton-Mason, J. (2012). Black women talk about workplace stress and how they cope. Journal of black studies 43 (2), 207-26.This article talks about the stressful situation facing African American in the workplace and the strategies they used to manage it. The authors related that the same stress struggling black women in the workplace was among the white female also even though they were experiencing inequality issues on top of the reality. The study was focused on five key terms to explain, the process of racism and sexism in the workplace stressing female African American. The authors elaborated the criteria of hiring or promoting in a diverse workplace as the first key. Secondly, the crucial
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(2012). Dimensions of support among abused women in the workplace. American Journal of Community Psychology, 49 (1), 31-42. In this journal, the authors emphasized social support theory to clarify different types of supports from the supervisors. They are either wanted or not wanted and received, and the production results for those abused women in the workplace. They also tried to find out how the supervisors responsibilities impacted the job performance or their duties in general. Gathering those information would clarify if a fair labor practice has been applied for everyone in the workplace including women. The article enumerated some samples of different categories of violence among the community to document the issues. It further identified that a high level of supervisor support match was involved with “greater job satisfaction, fewer job reprimands, and less job termination” beside the general support. Yragui, et al (2012). We can realize that the workplace system has been proven concerns that theory of social support and practical implications have led to intimate partner violence in the workplace. Today women workers need to develop their abilities to react accordingly for a better standard
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