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The purpose of this needs assessment is to determine the familiarity with, and opinions regarding blended learning of the teaching staff of Timberlane Middle School and to determine the viewpoints of 6th grade students of Timberlane Middle School towards their preferred methods of instruction and classroom organization. To ascertain this information, I conducted two short surveys via Google Forms, one for the staff and the second for the students. The staff survey was sent to the teaching staff of Timberlane Middle School via district e-mail. The student survey was directly administered to the students in a classroom setting. The staff survey asked the teachers their level of comfort with and frequency of blended learning. Additionally,…show more content…
No staff members indicated they disagreed with the assertion that when students are given the opportunity to make choices in the classroom, their engagement level increases. Moreover, the staff overwhelming agreed with the assertion that utilizing various resources in class helps increase student motivation. Nearly 88% of the staff voiced their agreement with this statement, no staff members voicing their disagreement and only 12% stating their neutrality.
Regarding student information retention, the staff was split on the effectiveness of traditional instructional methods in promoting high levels of information retention. Although no staff members stated they strongly agreed with this statement, 31% agreed with the statement and nearly 55% of the staff remained neutral. Only about 15% of the staff voicing a level of disagreement with the statement.
The results of this needs analysis of the teaching staff of Timberlane Middle schools indicates that although the teachers feel relatively prepared to implement blended learning they have been hesitant to implement this instructional method on a regular basis. The teachers who do implement this method are most utilizing the station rotation method which has been utilized for decades without technology but is now included under the umbrella of blended learning because technology is incorporated at
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