Essay On Bob's Burgers

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Throughout college I have found some media that has really peaked my interest both as a comedy fan and a media and public communications fan. Bob’s Burgers for example is a show that I watch way more often than any normal human being should in a way they were able to take puns, a form of comedy that is considered the lowest form of comedy and make it pop culture. This paper will be an analysis of the Gene and how he uses queering throughout the series however, however the series uses this as a form of comic relief. The character of Gene is very much portrayed the way any 11-year-old boy would be. Often the comedy that he uses throughout the series revolves around fart jokes and or things that one could think of course a 11-year-old said that. Tony E. Adams defines queer as, “actions that rebel against—heterosexual—heteronormative—expectations of intimate relationships including biases against being single, aspirations for marriage, norms about…show more content…
Adams does a really good job at unpacking different definitions of queer, as well as saying that they do not always deal with queer or gender roles. What I’ve taken most importantly from his study is the notion of peculiar. This definition can be used to discuss every single character that has been on Bob’s Burgers since the genesis of the series, however, I believe that shows like this are merely trying to conceive a sense of normalcy in everyday life issues that we face. Gene is a great character to do this because of the peculiar ethos that the show has created for the child. The show never presents the character as a homosexual character, but they do often use him to break the social norms of a 11-year-old in any series. While a lot of his dialog does include dialog there is a direct relationship to Gene and normalizing sexual identities in
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