Essay On Bowden Vs. Sinatra

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In two separate presentations, Dr. Jonny Bowden and Dr. Stephen Sinatra discuss how and why they disagree with the concept that reducing cholesterol prevents heart disease. Their arguments boast that the true basis of heart disease consists of four key aspects, which include inflammation, oxidation, sugar, and stress. Both doctors assert that the actual disaster is the obsession with cholesterol which has shaped an industry that reaps over thirty billion dollars per year in statin pharmaceutical sales. Both Dr. Bowden and Dr. Sinatra claim that, cholesterol is not the source of heart disease. Dr. Bowden and Dr. Sinatra explain that cholesterol is essential for health and assert that it is a necessary molecule and without it there would…show more content…
Bowden and Dr. Sinatra present interesting and valuable information and certainly their individual perspectives concerning the impact cholesterol plays on our health, as individuals, we must determine how we digest this controversial information. I have personally witnessed the adverse effects that cholesterol has played in my father’s cardiovascular health. He chose to consume primarily animal based food with little to no fruits or vegetables, for the majority of his life, and required a quadruple by-pass at the age of forty-eight. Currently seventy-five years old, he has had multiple cardiac arrests, required many additional heart surgeries and now faces the loss of his legs due to ninety-six percent blockage of his femoral artery. I have always believed that cholesterol significantly impacts heart heath so this new information is a bit difficult for me to swallow. I won’t say that the information presented in these videos has changed my viewpoint yet they certain enhance my desire to glean additional information. I appreciated watching both presentations yet I am I not ready to tell my father to ditch his statin medications. The information offered by both medical professional further confirms my decision to eat mostly plant based foods is ideal for my lifestyle and overall well-being. While it is beneficial to acknowledge the connection between cholesterol and heart health, it is equally critical to take into account their general contexts and ponder the countless
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