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hat are the Occupational Hazards Associated with Boxers’ Life - A Synthesis of Research?


Boxing, also known as pugilism, is a very old and famous type of combat sport which was invented few centuries BC. It is an ever-changing sport which develops into different styles through time and it is regarded as one of the most popular and exciting types of sports nowadays. Some people make it their profession and fight for prizes, and money while some enjoy it as a hobby and a way to be physically active and have a healthy lifestyle. As it is a very entertaining kind of sport and it is part of the Olympic Games, the sport has garnered many fans worldwide. A lot of people prefer watching it and following championships and different athletes.
As a combat sport, it is a very simple fight between two sportsmen wearing gloves and other equipment, who try to win each other by having a bigger score or sending the opponent to knock-out, or by throwing punches with fists. However has very strict rules, depending on whether the sportsmen are professionals or amateurs, or , if the match is supervised by the referee, which tend to make the fights less dangerous, lower risks, resulting in less injuries for boxers and also makes for a more entertaining spectacle.
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They are also prone to succumbing to mental illnesses. That’s why boxing is considered as one of the most dangerous and brutal sports and has been criticized in many cases because of its violence. According to >… there were 488 deaths related to boxing from 1960 to 2011. This is one of the reasons that professional boxing has been banned in some countries such as Sweden, Libya, and
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