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Braling 's POV "But why so early, Braling?" Smith asked me. It was about ten in the evening and the sun was setting. I hadn 't had a full drink all night, coming home from a restaurant with a bar. This was the first time I had a night away from my wife in 10 years. I couldn 't believe I got out. "How 'd you get away?" Smith asked me, as if he was reading my mind. But the answer was a secret. Mysteriously, I answered, "I 'll tell you in a minute," but responding to his question wasn 't what was on my mind at the moment. It was how I was going to reveal my secret to him. Luckily, the subject changed. I explained how my wife blackmailed me into marrying her, and then decided to ask him about how his relationship was. "It 's fine." Smith said briefly. I knew that this wasn 't the truth. I stopped walking, looked him in the eyes, and gave a slight nod to say, "Go on." Realizing that he had to keep talking, he continued. "It 's just hard to live with a woman who calls you at work all day, and sits on your lap all evening, especially when you 've been married 15 years, you know?" Seeing his distressed face, I knew he wanted to change the subject, so I put my hand in my pocket. When I took it out, I heard Smith gasp and start wheezing, as if he were a balloon flying out of control. "But that is the ticket for the Thursday rocket to Rio!" I could tell from his voice that he thought Mrs. Braling would never allow…

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