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Many Jews in the 1930s-1940s experienced a time of despair and mistreatment due to numerous factors in the Holocaust and World War 2. This time of despair and mistreatment resulted in the death of millions of Jews, as well as homosexuals and people with disabilities. The rise of Adolf Hitler and Fascism was the main contributor in the fate that fell on millions of Jews. Hitler believed the Aryan race was the supreme race and all others were sub-standard and threatening to his country. The Holocaust is a widely debated topic. Researchers argue that the Allied Forces intervened in the conflict too late, which resulted in mishap for millions of people. The main two Allied forces in this case were the United States of America and Britain. Britain’s…show more content…
Their attitudes during these times reflected socials forces that acted like a restraint on Britain. World War One was a major setback on the country even though they came out victorious against Germany. Britain’s economy took a downfall due to many factors resulting from the harsh battle in World War One. Due to these factors, “the public was not ready to support a program to rearm the military” (SHOAH Center 1). The public’s desire not to intervene influenced British officials that this was not the right action to pursue. If British officials did not pay heed to the public, many riots would have risen. Another social force that impacted the British late intervention was the British officials’ decisions not to intervene. These officials felt “guilt over the harsh way they dealt with the Germans after WW1” (SHOAH Center 1), which led Britain to allow Germany to annex Austria, in March of 1938 without any action. The German annexation of Austria led to the capture of hundreds of thousands of Jews by the Nazi Party, in turn leading to the Jew mass killings in German concentration camps. Had Britain persevered and intervened in the first conflict of the German annexation of Austria that would have led to the lives of thousands of Jews

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