Essay On Bronchial Asthma

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Have you ever stop and think how it will feel to stop breathing out of the sudden? Children that have bronchial asthma are suffering from this all the time. This can be really scary, and you may even panic because of not knowing what to do. In this project I studied what is the percent of children with this kind of condition and some of the medications with the respective treatment. Secondly, we explained what bronchial asthma is. And last but not least, I personally learned how to interpret charts, as well as finding current information with research purposes.
In this project I learned that asthma is caused by a condition of recurrent attacks known as dyspnea. During this condition the airways become inflamed and wheezing and chest tightening
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Meaning that if we don’t protect ourselves from getting asthma nobody else would. More importantly it can affect the life of the children. That’s why we should all take matters into our own hands and take care of ourselves and the one we love. Something that I found really interesting is that as people age they tend to suffer even more from bronchial asthma because of the exposure that we have to pollution. This also has a pattern that as we grow to the ages between 20-40 we have more chances of suffering from this condition than kid younger. In addition, I also found as people get older than 50 years old the chances of getting bronchial asthma is lower. This is because they do not tend to go outside as often as younger people.
All of this information that I was able to recover was thanks to learning project that I was assigned by my professor. I also learned hot recover date from charts and how to interpret it. I am now even more interested in doing more research and this will affect me enormously in my career because I did not know how interesting bronchial asthma can be, and not only that but by showing me how to find and analyze date more
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